Let's get this JOE 'party' started! Today is the first joyful day of school at EWS! We hope that everyone enjoyed some sun-filled days of rest and relaxation over the summer and that everyone is recharged and ready for the exciting new school year ahead! We wish all of our students the very best as we set the Joy of Education at EWS in motion! Let's all make this a great and JOYFUL school year! Ready, set... JOE!

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Yesterday was the first in-person return to school day at The Emery/Weiner School, which means that our classrooms and hallways were once again filled with the joy of education at EWS! For those who a

JOE meets EVE!

From the minute we set our sights on 2020's Joy of Education Celebration, we knew that it would be a JOE like no other. After all, we as an EWS community were and still are navigating our way through